Missionaries in training 
with Ethnos360

Formerly New Tribes Mission

When Laura and I read the Great Commission and remember how Christ urged the Church to spread the gospel, we have a difficult time ignoring the words, "all the nations." Although we see the need for the evangelization of every culture, we deeply recognize the responsibility of the Church to continue establishing itself in uncharted territories until every culture/language has had the chance to hear the gospel. In order to do this, we must be equipped to adapt to a new culture, learn an unknown language, translate God's Word and teach literacy - all this in a remote location. While there may be other options to train for this, we believe Ethnos360 has a heart to not just see us survive, but to thrive through this by living in the forgiving and transforming grace of God.

The Purpose of Ethnos360

There are over 2,000 unknown languages, meaning that there is practically no method of communication with each people group represented by those languages. Ethnos360 exists to train missionaries to become a part of those people groups in order to learn their culture and language for the purpose of presenting them with the gospel. This process takes many upon many years, not only as learning the language must be done from scratch, but as the missionaries stay to teach literacy, translate God’s Word and disciple the believers into a mature, self-sufficient church.

This is our understanding of Ethnos360's purpose. Click here to read their official purpose.